Welcome to my website!

I created this online place to share about my writing and the things that inspire me. And by “I” in that last sentence I mean that my husband built this website to my unclear and ever-changing specifications and my friend Dane took the headshots. But I wrote the bio!

While writing seems like a singular and solitary activity, it is not. Some moments must be spent in quiet contemplation, but nothing interesting has yet to come out of me when I wall myself off with nothing but my unruly brain and a pen. I haven’t published more than a handful of words, and already I have accumulated a lengthy list of people I must acknowledge for their part in helping me get here.

Where is here? Here is taking my love of writing seriously. Practicing plotting, editing, and critiquing. Learning about the publishing industry, writing resources, and how to work. I am blessed and delighted to have found something that makes me feel alive, and to get to spend time doing it.